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    Education Standards

    Adjective Artwork

    Adjective Artwork


    This resource was created by Maelynn Liewer, in collaboration with Dawn DeTurk, Hannah Blomstedt, and Julie Albrecht, as part of ESU2's Integrating the Arts project. This project is a four year initiative focused on integrating arts into the core curriculum through teacher education, practice, and coaching.


    Lesson Title: Adjective Artwork


    Content Area: GrammarFine Arts Area:  visual arts
    Grade Level: 6th gradeTeacher:  Mrs. Blomstedt and Mrs. Liewer


    Standards and Alignment
    Content Area Standard:  LA 6.3.1.a Communicate ideas and information in a clear and concise manner suited to the purpose, setting, and audience (formal voice or informal voice), using appropriate word choice, grammar, and sentence structure. LA 6.3.2.a Utilize active and attentive listening skills (e.g., eye contact, nonverbal cues, taking notes, summarizing, questioning) for multiple situations and modalities.Fine Arts Standard:  FA 8.2.1.a Investigate ideas and materials (glossary) to demonstrate planning and refining.
    Key Vocabulary:  graffiti, adjective, lines, shapes, colors, value, texture, spaceMaterials List: oil pastels, paper, pencils


    Instructional Delivery
    Students will be shown that Google Slides here. Students will choose an adjective that describes them and plan it out in graffiti style on black construction paper using a pencil so they can revise. Students will also consider what kind of background it should have. Once it is drawn out, students will use oil pastels to color the project using blending techniques. Students will then share with their tables why they chose the adjective they did.


    Assessment and Reflection
    Content Assessment:  observationArts Assessment:  rubric
    Student Reflection:  written paragraphTeacher Reflection:  Students enjoyed working with the oil pastels and were motivated to choose an adjective.  All students were engaged.