Andrea Goering, Richard Wagner
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Full Course
Community College / Lower Division
  • Astronomy
  • Cosmology
  • Galaxies
  • Solar System
  • Stars
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    LCC Astronomy OER


    This collection includes resources for teaching college-level introductory astronomy courses. The resources include interactive lecture slides, class activities, and projects. Topics include solar system astronomy, stellar astronomy, and galaxies and cosmology. Sample schedules are included for a sequence of three 10-week courses.

    This collection was created by Andrea Goering ( and Richard Wagner (, instructors of physics and astronomy at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Development of these resources was funded through LCC's OER Initiative (

    Activities, Projects, and Interactive Lecture Slides for Introductory Astronomy

    Using these Resources: Sample Schedules

    The following sample schedules explain how to use LCC to teach a sequence of three 10-week introductory astronomy courses relying on astronom (Solar System Astronomy, Stellar Astronomy, and Galaxies and Cosmology).

    The schedules link to resources including recommended reading from OpenStax Astronomy, recommended videos from Crash Course Astronomy, and lecture slides and activities from the LCC Astronomy OER project.

    If you use LCC Astronomy OER within a different course structure (such as a semester sequence), we'd love to be able to share your sample schedule with others - send it our way and we'll add it!