Social Studies Targets:

  • Forms of government
  • Nature/Purposes of government
  • Ideologies of government
  • Comparative government
  • Economic systems and government

Learning Targets:

  1. Understand how the world is organized politically and nations interact (civics)
  2. Identify the differences in philosophy, structure, and the nature of different types of government (civics)
  3. Understand the role of sovereignty in the development of different governments and within governments (civics)
  4. Compare and contrast democracies with other forms of government.(civics)
  5. Understand individual rights and their accompanying responsibilities including problem solving and decision making at the local, state, and international level. (civics)
  6. Understand how cultural forces and factors influenced and were influenced by changes in government (Cultural Geography)
  7. Identify ways that power can be distributed geographically within a state (Physical Geography)
  8. Identify the different types of economic systems (Economics)
  9. Understand how different government and economic systems influence one another (Economics)
  10. Students will recognize and analyze the ideologies inherent in different economic systems. (Economics)
Social Science, Political Science
Material Type:
Unit of Study
High School
9, 10, 11, 12
  • Civics
  • Government