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CultureTalk - Arab World

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CultureTalk - Arab World features a very extensive selection of filmed interviews with people from different countries in the Arabic speaking world. While some interviews are in English, the vast majority are in Arabic. Translations and usually transcripts are provided for all non-English video clips. Topics include family, food, education, religious and cultural customs, work, art, sport, travel, etc. The regions covered are the Levant, North Africa, Egypt, and Mauritania, with an Iraqi section on the way.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Arabic I

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This is a textbook for beginning Arabic language learning. The textbook is divided into twelve lessons. Each lesson focuses on an activity and common theme to introduce the basics of Arabic. Each lesson starts with a short video, which you'll be asked to watch. To help you understand the video, each lesson also includes a transcript (in English), a list of vocabulary (with audio clips), and language and grammar notes.

Material Type: Full Course, Textbook

Aswaat Arabiyya

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Aswaat Arabiyya is an archive of 245 videos in Arabic, listed by difficulty level and accompanied by glossaries and four worksheets each that focus on every aspect of listening comprehension. Selections come largely from Arabic media, with some cultural presentations by native speakers. Videos cover the entire Arabic-speaking world and include MSA and different dialects. Materials are designed to be used both as in-class activities and homework assignments. Videos can be slowed down.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment, Interactive, Lecture

Calligraphy Qalam

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Calligraphy Qallam offers visitors information about the Arabic alphabet, various styles of scripts, and the process and history of calligraphy. It offers tutorial videos which demonstrate the various shapes of the Arabic characters both within one script and between different scripts. There is also a "script quiz" which allows visitors to test their ability to recognize different calligraphic scripts. The site also includes a blog and a forum where topics surrounding calligraphy are discussed.

Material Type: Assessment, Lecture, Reading

Arabic Stories for Children

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This page offers 186 different children's stories written in Arabic. Topics range from scientific matters such as how to build a telescope to literature and folktales, including Indian folktales. Stories must be viewed using Java and users must click on the link to view the resource and its title. Many contain images and other illustrations. The intended age level of the reader varies from story to story.

Material Type: Reading