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Consumer Protection Law: A Guide for Navigating Safely in the Modern World

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Consumer Protection Law: A Guide For Navigating Safely in the Modern World is an introduction to the issues consumers face every day and the protections put in place to reduce consumer harm. This text and the course it is designed to accompany is unique in undergraduate education. Most consumer protection law courses take place in either a law school setting or in only a handful of undergraduate programs in consumer affairs - usually housed within dedicated consumer science departments. This text is designed with any undergraduate student in mind, as all are or will become, consumers in life after graduation. Issues raised in this text are by no means the only issues facing consumers, but are meant to be representative of the types of issues facing consumers today, as well as the issues consumers faced in the past that spurred statutory responses.  Not all doom and gloom, this text also provides practical information students can use to protect themselves, their families, and their friends.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Tyler J. Smith