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The Commonwealth Certificate for Teacher ICT Integration (CCTI) has been developed to improve teachers’ experience teaching in the classroom using a range of information and communication technologies (ICT) appropriately, and increase school manager’s involvement in the ICT implementation process in the school. It challenges school managers and teachers to constantly reflect on what they do in their school and classrooms and how ICT can be integrated into their evolving management and teaching styles. The CCTI has been designed as a distance education course and is aligned with the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers. It is an open educational resource (OER) that the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is making available to teacher training institutions throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. The material can be used as is or can be adopted and/or adapted into existing programmes. The learning materials are developed, tested and revised by SchoolNet South Africa (SNSA) through extensive consultations with teachers and teacher educators around the world. COURSES 1. Professional Development with Technology 2. Designing Learning 3. Technology-Enriched Teaching 4. Education in a Digital Society 5. Innovative Approaches to Learning with Technology 6. Planning Learning Through Projects 7. Managing Technology-Rich Learning Spaces 8. Planning for Technology Integration 9. Change Leadership for Technology Integration

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Author: SchoolNet South Africa