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Open Pedagogy Learning Outcomes Project

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We identified open pedagogy projects from various resources (ex. Listservs, books, websites, etc.). Reading through the open pedagogy project, we focused on learning outcomes the students had to accomplish that were not related to the subject matter of the project, but rather the communication and soft skills that often go unnoticed. We used these resources to build these learning outcomes. Additionally, we leaned on the vocabulary from Bloom’s taxonomy and the SMART framework for actionable outcomes. On this site, you will find an entry for each open pedagogy project that includes a title, a short description, a link, and the learning outcomes we assigned to it. We also created a common list of learning outcomes that are hyperlinked to each project entry, so that this resource is browsable for various skills and competencies. We invite professionals to contribute to this growing resource. Anyone can submit a resource by emailing us a completed template and we will add it and hyperlink to the list of learning outcomes on the site.

Material Type: Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Jeanne Hoover, Jeff McAdams