What resources would you like to see shared here?

by Sean Nash 1 year, 11 months ago

Take a minute and think about why you joined the @GoOpen Network member group, and reply to this thread with a few words about what resources you would like to find most often here.

Respond with what you see as the immediate value to you personally, or in your professional role, of the following resource types:

  1. Support documents for managing OER initiatives: (program management, budgeting, policy, leadership around OER, etc.)
  2. Actual open educational resources or resource sets: (individual or sets of teaching and learning resources in core or elective areas, open curricula, course syllabi, etc.)
  3. Professional learning resources around related topics: (copyright/creative commons/fair use, sharing and publishing, accessibility, equity and inclusion, etc.)
  4. Other: (please describe potential resources that do not fit within the example types above)

List any that would provide the most value to you as or your work right now. The more context you can add about your choices, the better. Help us create a space to empower our work together!