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MISA HS Sample Item Set - Wind Turbines (PS/ESS)

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Sample high school MISA test item set which uses a physics and earth space science performance expectations.  The Item set focuses on wind turbines and their environmental impacts. It contains 5 questions and one constructed response for a total of 9 points. (Image source: “Wind Turbine” by Painter06 at  

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Authors: Melissa Kaye-Kamauff, Jeremy Haack, MSDE Admin, Laura Garfinkel

Using Typography to Communicate

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This lesson provides an introduction to the importance of typography as an element of design.Goal:  The goal of this lesson is to understand that typography is everywhere. The way characters or letters are designed plays a part in the message and in creating a brand for an organization. Every font, letter, and character arrangement plays a part in determining how a message is conveyed.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Reading

Author: Jane Woodside