Group Information

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Instructional Design for Open Education

Group Description

Hello! We are a group of instructional design colleagues from Oregon's 24 public colleges and universities. We share resources and tools for OER-enabled course design, including accessibility, equity, and open pedagogy. We're supported by Open Oregon Educational Resources.

Once you've created an OER Commons account and joined the group, you can add a resource in two ways:

1) Select "Add OER" from the top of the screen to add a resource that isn't already in OER Commons
or 2) Search OER Commons for existing content. When you find something you want to add, select "Save," and then scroll to the Instructional Design for Open Education group and select the appropriate folder.

Group's Subject

  • Educational Support

Group's Levels

  • Community College / Lower Division
  • College / Upper Division
  • Graduate / Professional
  • Career / Technical
  • Adult Education

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