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Recommended Practices for Packaging and Distributing OER

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OER may be distributed in a variety of formats, including electronically online, removable media (e.g. CD/DVD, or USB), and/or paper hard copies. In order to maximize its reach and visibility, OER is often distributed online which introduces new considerations such as managing file size and selecting appropriate descriptive data (commonly referred to as metadata). File size is an especially important consideration as small manageable files can be more easily downloaded in bandwidth-constrained areas. As part of the African Health OER Network, completed OER are often hosted on multiple servers: an institutional server, the official Network web space with OER Africa, and on the University of Michigan (U-M) Open.Michigan website.The aim of these guidelines is to encourage the creation of OER that is easily discoverable, accessible, and adaptable.

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OER Academy: Introduction to OER Discovery

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This is the second module in our OER Academy that will provide participants with an introduction to OER discovery. We have designed these modules to first spark the learner's interest in the topics covered and then dig deeper into the content through presentations, storytelling, and demonstrations of the tools. We will offer opportunities for learners to practice exploring the resources and tools, and reflect on how they might use them in their work.

Material Type: Module

Author: Megan Simmons

Adopting Open Educational Resources in the Classroom

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VCCS's "Pathways" Course provides faculty with an introduction to the laws that influence the use, re-use, and distribution of content they may want to use in a course. Activities include finding openly licensed content for use in a class and publishing openly licensed works created by faculty. At the end of the course, students will have openly licensed content that will be ready for use in a course.

Material Type: Full Course, Textbook

Author: Linda Williams

Unpacking Creative Commons Licenses

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This editable resource is a 1-page handout explaining the six different Creative Commons licenses, their symbols, full names, and what users may, must, and must not do according to the terms of the licenses. This resource does not replace Creative Commons legal or human-readable license versions.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Andrew Moore

Open Education Licensing Project

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The OEL Toolkit is openly available and openly licensed. The guidance generated by the OEL Toolkit is of primary relevance to educators and developers working within Australian higher education institutions. The OEL Toolkit web application has been designed with a focus on ease of use. It provides relevant information for users seeking guidance on using, creating, modifying or sharing a specific Open Educational Resource.

Material Type: Reading

Authors: Cynthia Jimes, Letha Goger, Lisa Petrides