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Arquitectura de Redes y Servicios de Telecomunicación (2266), 2012/13

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Una vez estudiados los fundamentos de las redes de telecomunicaciones, en esta asignatura el alumno aprende y enlaza los conceptos de arquitectura de red, protocolos e interfaces de comunicaciones para el diseño de redes de datos. De este modo, se capacita al alumno a aprender de manera autónoma nuevos conocimientos y técnicas adecuados para la concepción, el desarrollo o la explotación de sistemas y servicios de telecomunicación.

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche

Advanced Technology in Radiocommunications (5894)

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All the materials here included are used by students during the year 2013/14 in the subject 5894 called Advanced Technology in Radiocommunications. In particular, they match to : Theory Block I: Radio links 1. Point to multipoint wireless systems . 2. Planning point to multipoint wireless systems . Block II: Satellite Communications 3. Introduction to satellite communications. 4. Bus orbits and the space environment. 5. Mobile satellite communications . 6. Hispasat. Block III: Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks , local and personal 7. IEEE 802.16 networks , 802.11, HIPERLAN / 2 , Bluetooth , UWB, Zigbee.

Material Type: Lecture Notes

Author: Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche

Open Textbooks using OER Commons Lesson Builder Tool

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This is a supplementary video for the Commonwealth of Learning Open Textbook Manual. It shows how to create Lessons in OER Commons. The OER Commons Lesson Builder allows instructors to create resources that are viewable by students as lessons, and by teachers as lesson plans with supplemental instructional resources.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

English Language Arts, Grade 11

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The 11th grade learning experience consists of 7 mostly month-long units aligned to the Common Core State Standards, with available course material for teachers and students easily accessible online. Over the course of the year there is a steady progression in text complexity levels, sophistication of writing tasks, speaking and listening activities, and increased opportunities for independent and collaborative work. Rubrics and student models accompany many writing assignments.Throughout the 11th grade year, in addition to the Common Read texts that the whole class reads together, students each select an Independent Reading book and engage with peers in group Book Talks. Students move from learning the class rituals and routines and genre features of argument writing in Unit 11.1 to learning about narrative and informational genres in Unit 11.2: The American Short Story. Teacher resources provide additional materials to support each unit.

Material Type: Full Course

Kimball's Biology Pages

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The pages represent an online biology textbook created by Professor John W. Kimball who taught at Harvard, Tufts, and Phillips Andover Academy before he retired. He now maintains this free biology book, constantly updated and set up for easy browsing and searching.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: John W. Kimball