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Welcome to AI in OER

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Lately everyone has been talking about AI. Don't believe me, just ask Siri and Alexa they will tell you! The current generation has grown up with AI and it is time to really get on board. Not sure where to start? This is the perfect place. Welcome to AI in OER! In this module participants will learn how to embrace AI in education, use AI to improve accessibility, and check out resources that are available. This will help with understanding the world of AI and what it means for education now and in the future. Please make sure you join the group and participate in the discussions! 

Material Type: Homework/Assignment, Module, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Tracy Rains

What is Accessibility?

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This is an introduction to accessibility.  It includes resources from experts in the accessibilty community including CAST and The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials.  This is a great start for people who are ready to adapt materials to meet the needs of all students. “The most damaging phrase in the language is ‘it’s always been done that way.’” -Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

Material Type: Lesson, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Tracy Rains

Using the Magic of AI to Innovate Professional Learning

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On January 4, 2024 the Curriculum Services Team delivered a 2-hour webinar titled "Using the Magic of AI to Innovate Professional Learning" to a national audience.  Based on a presentation delivered at the AESA National Conference in December 2023, this webinar was a deeper dive into the ways that the WIU Curriculum Services Team leverages AI to develop professional learning activities to support the school districts in Westmoreland County and beyond.

Material Type: Simulation

Author: Rebecca Henderson

ELA Curriculum

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Resources: Module Plan Descriptions Digital Tools ELA Lesson Plan Template Routine Writing Handbook Writing Task Planner Extended Text Planner On-Demand Task Explanation

Material Type: Homework/Assignment, Lesson, Reading