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Principles of Economics

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Principles of Economics covers scope and sequence requirements for a two-semester introductory economics course. The authors take a balanced approach to micro- and macroeconomics, to both Keynesian and classical views, and to the theory and application of economics concepts. The text also includes many current examples, which are handled in a politically equitable way.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Amyaz Moledina, Andres Jauregui, Craig Richardson, Cynthia Gamez, Dan MacDonald, David Shapiro, Diane Keenan, Eric Dodge, Ralph Sonenshine, Steven Greenlaw, Timothy Taylor

British Literature I Anthology: From the Middle Ages to Neoclassicism and the Eighteenth Century

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The University of North Georgia Press and Affordable Learning Georgia bring you British Literature I: From the Middle Ages to Neoclassicism and the Eighteenth Century. Featuring over 50 authors and full texts of their works, this anthology follows the shift of monarchic to parliamentarian rule in Britain, and the heroic epic to the more egalitarian novel as genre. Features: Original introductions to The Middle Ages; The Sixteenth Century: The Tudor Age; The Seventeenth Century: The Age of Revolution; and Neoclassicism and the Eighteenth Century Over 100 historical images Instructional Design, including Reading and Review Questions and Key Terms Forthcoming ancillary with open-enabled pedagogy, allowing readers to contribute to the project This textbook is an Open Access Resource. It can be reused, remixed, and reedited freely without seeking permission.

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Authors: Bonnie J. Robertson, Laura J. Getty

World Literature I

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This is a redesign of an online course (ENG 140) with all course materials available online and free for students. Texts include: The Epic of Gilgamesh, Genesis, the Book of Job, Analects by Confucius, Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry, the Daodejing by Lao-tzu. By redesigning the course, I can select literature from more diverse traditions and culture and include more unique works which are not available in textbook that I typically use in this course. This module includes new assignments for the new readings and assessments for these new assignments.All course content created by Kerrianne Gamache. Content added to OER Commons by Jordana Shaw

Material Type: Module

Author: Jordana Shaw

Introduction to Psychology

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Comprehensive coverage of core concepts grounded in both classic studies and current and emerging research, including coverage of the DSM-5 in discussions of psychological disorders. Incorporates discussions that reflect the diversity within the discipline, as well as the diversity of cultures and communities across the globe.

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Building Technology

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Floor construction is the most serious activity in the building process serving as the main link between sub- structure and super-structure. Apart from the foundation, the floor of the building serves as the most immediate support for super-structure. The loads of the walls and columns and imposed loads are first transmitted to the floor before reaching the foundation concrete. The inability of a floor to support the above loads and onward transmission will indicate the ineffective nature of the whole building. To ensure that floors are effectively constructed and serve the desired purpose, the knowledge of appropriate principles and practice is very necessary. Your knowledge of these principles and their application will enable you to understand and undertake floor construction competently.

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Authoring Open Textbooks

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Short Description: This guide is for faculty authors, librarians, project managers and others who are involved in the production of open textbooks in higher education and K-12. Content includes a checklist for getting started, publishing program case studies, textbook organization and elements, writing resources and an overview of useful tools. Long Description: This guide is for faculty authors, librarians, project managers and others who are involved in the production of open textbooks in higher education and K-12. It includes a checklist for getting started, publishing program case studies, textbook organization and elements, writing resources and an overview of useful tools. Contributors include: Karen Bjork, Head of Digital Initiatives, Portland State University Library. Caitie Finlayson, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Mary Washington. Dianna Fisher, Director of Open Oregon State. Linda Frederiksen, Head of Access Services, Washington State University, Vancouver. Ralph Morelli, Professor, Computer Science, Emeritus, Trinity College. Shane Nackerud, Technology Lead, Library Initiatives, University of Minnesota Libraries. Deb Quentel, Director of Curriculum Development & Associate Counsel, Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI). Cody Taylor, Emerging Technologies Librarian, University of Oklahoma Libraries. Anita R. Walz, Open Education, Copyright & Scholarly Communications Librarian, Virginia Tech. The authors invite the open textbook community to contribute their experience and knowledge for future editions of this guide. If you would like to offer additional case studies, frameworks and examples, please email Together we can create a flexible resource to support open textbook creation in a variety of contexts. Word Count: 15985 (Note: This resource's metadata has been created automatically by reformatting and/or combining the information that the author initially provided as part of a bulk import process.)

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Anita R. Walz, Caitie Finlayson, Cody Taylor, Deb Quentel, Dianna Fisher, Karen Bjork, Karen Lauritsen, Linda Frederiksen, Melissa Falldin, Ralph Morelli, Shane Nackerud

88 Open Essays: A Reader for Students of Composition & Rhetoric

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PLEASE NOTE: Some K-12 sites block access to Google Docs where this file resides. If you are unable to access it, it is also available at This book is a free and open resource for composition instructors and students, full of essays that could supplement OER rhetoric and writing texts that lack readings. All of the essays in this reader are versatile rhetorically and thematically. It is arranged alphabetically by author name. Each essay has a series of hashtags that apply to the essay in some way. You can search for essays thematically for topics like education, the environment, politics, or health. You can also search for essays based on composition concepts like analysis, synthesis, and research. You can search for essays that are based on shared values, essays that rely heavily on ethos, logos, or pathos, essays that are very kairos-dependent, and essays that are scholarly. This collection was created in Google Docs so that it is easily adapted and edited.

Material Type: Reading, Textbook

Authors: Sarah Wangler, Tina Ulrich

Kid Vids: 101 Fun Video Activities

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Integrate the fun of video into your classroom with these fun learning activities. Adaptable for different ages and subjects, the video projects can be as simple or elaborate as time, resources, and creativity allow. These creative activities can be customized to meet specific student learning outcomes, goals, and objectives. 

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Thomas R. Wilson