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Activity Based Costing

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For the Principles of Accounting: Volume 2 Managerial Accounting, this video focuses on Chapter 6 (Activity Based Costing) using the Musicality, Inc. problem, exploring the calculations differences between Single Plantwide Overhead rate vs. Activity Based Costing. Covering the cost per unit / gross profit per unit only.

Material Type: Lecture Notes

Authors: Bennet Tchaikovsky, Dixon Cooper, Mitchell Franklin, Patty Graybeal, Rice University

Ethics for A-Level

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What does pleasure have to do with morality? What role, if any, should intuition have in the formation of moral theory? If something is ‘simulated', can it be immoral? This accessible and wide-ranging textbook explores these questions and many more. Key ideas in the fields of normative ethics, metaethics and applied ethics are explained rigorously and systematically, with a vivid writing style that enlivens the topics with energy and wit. Individual theories are discussed in detail in the first part of the book, before these positions are applied to a wide range of contemporary situations including business ethics, sexual ethics, and the acceptability of eating animals. A wealth of real-life examples, set out with depth and care, illuminate the complexities of different ethical approaches while conveying their modern-day relevance. This concise and highly engaging resource is tailored to the Ethics components of AQA Philosophy and OCR Religious Studies, with a clear and practical layout that includes end-of-chapter summaries, key terms, and common mistakes to avoid. It should also be of practical use for those teaching Philosophy as part of the International Baccalaureate. Ethics for A-Level is of particular value to students and teachers, but Fisher and Dimmock's precise and scholarly approach will appeal to anyone seeking a rigorous and lively introduction to the challenging subject of ethics.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Andrew Fisher, Mark Dimmock

Google Translate

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I used Google Translate to convert chapters of the US History OpenStax textbook to languages other than English by following these steps using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro: 1. download the .pdf 2. Open in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (or other program that allows altering a .pdf file) 3. Under "Document", select "Extract" then identify the pages (assigned by Adobe, not the textbook) to extract. The file should be about 1/2 of a chapter to submit to Google Translate, otherwise it's too large. 4. Save the extracted file under a new name. 5. Go to and: a) select the language to translate to; b) click on "Translate a whole document", then upload the extracted chapter portion. 6. The translation appears as a page in the browser (I use Google Chrome) 7. Right click on the page and "Save as" on your computer (html file). 8. Upload to your LMS or other website, or email to the target student(s). The page will open in their browser. Although it's good for international students to learn and practice English in a formal setting, I feel it's unfair to test them on a subject they are completely unfamiliar with in a language they may not understand perfectly - double whammy! Translating can help even the playing field.

Material Type: Assessment, Homework/Assignment