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Example Bee Lessson

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Students will examine ways declining bee population can impact day-to-day life, by considering how the cost of honey and pollination has been affected in society. Students will create real-world problems that relate to statistics on the declining bee population.

Material Type: Unit of Study

Author: Marsha Hughes

Indirect Measurement and Similar Right Triangles Lab

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On a hike with her children, Mrs. Thompson noticed the reflection of the top of a pine tree in a puddle in the path. Her son, who is almost a foot taller than she is, could not see the top of the tree in the puddle until he moved. Why did her son need to move to see the top of the tree? How can they use similar right triangles and indirect measurements to find the height of the tree?

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Jennifer Dunmire

Emigration, Immigration and Potatoes

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Students will examine the Irish Potato Famine through the lens of data.  Creating, transforming and analyzing different data visualizations will give students an opportunity to utilize real world STEM skills in a traditional social studies class, without compromising the nature of understanding the historical narrative.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment, Lesson, Lesson Plan, Reading

Author: Christine Yurky