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Biostatistics: Data and Models

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This textbook provides a survey of statistical methods commonly used in the life sciences, an introduction to statistical theory, and significant exposure to the statistical software package SAS 9.4. The textbook is designed for graduate students and upper division undergraduates, and assumes some familiarity with mathematical notation, functions, and algebra. No previous courses in statistics are needed. For those interested in using the software package R, programs similar in function to the SAS ones are also provided. A unique feature of this textbook is the integration of statistical procedures and theory. Most introductory texts present the statistical procedures and a mechanistic explanation of how they work, without discussing the underlying theory. Some knowledge of this theory is essential for students in the life sciences, especially graduate students, and so the textbook uses likelihood theory to explain how parameters are estimated and statistical tests derived. The statistical models for ANOVA, regression, and other common procedures are also presented. These theoretical concepts are presented in both equation and graphical form. For detailed information on the topics covered in this textbook, see the Table of Contents file in Section 1.  

Material Type: Textbook

Author: John Reeve