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Grade 8 Module 4: Linear Equations

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In Module 4, students extend what they already know about unit rates and proportional relationships to linear equations and their graphs.  Students understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations in this module.  Students learn to apply the skills they acquired in Grades 6 and 7, with respect to symbolic notation and properties of equality to transcribe and solve equations in one variable and then in two variables. Find the rest of the EngageNY Mathematics resources at

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Math, Grade 7

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Four full-year digital course, built from the ground up and fully-aligned to the Common Core State Standards, for 7th grade Mathematics. Created using research-based approaches to teaching and learning, the Open Access Common Core Course for Mathematics is designed with student-centered learning in mind, including activities for students to develop valuable 21st century skills and academic mindset.

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Sharing Prize Money

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This task requires students to be able to reason abstractly about fraction multiplication as it would not be realistic for them to solve it using a visual fraction model. Even though the numbers are too messy to draw out an exact picture, this task still provides opportunities for students to reason about their computations to see if they make sense.

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Author: Illustrative Mathematics

Beginning Algebra Videos

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Visually searchable database of Algebra 1 videos. Click on a problem and watch the solution on YouTube. Copy and paste this material into your CMS. Videos accompany the open Elementary Algebra textbook published by Flat World Knowledge.

Material Type: Lecture, Lecture Notes

Author: John Redden