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Terms & Definitions: Student-Centered Learning Initiative

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The Student-Centered Learning Initiative in Pennsylvania aims to standardize key terms and instructional frameworks related to student-centered learning concepts.  Led by educational leaders from Pennsylvania Intermediate Units and school districts, with support from Penn State University, the initiative promotes interoperability among professional learning facilitators and designers.  Key concepts include student-centered learning, online and distance learning, blended learning, and personalized learning, all with the goal of improving educational outcomes by empowering students and creating equitable, meaningful learning experiences tailored to individual needs.

Material Type: Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Rebecca Henderson, Pamela Dinan, Kendy Schiffert, Amanda Fair

For the Love of Student Centered Learning- ChangED Podcast Episode

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ChangED is an educator based podcast for Pennsylvania teachers to learn more about the PA STEELS Standards and science in general.  It is hosted by Andrew Kuhn, Tony Mirabito and Patrice Semicek.  This episode features Ken Zimmerman discussing the benefits of student-centered learning and its transformative effects on both students and teachers. Embracing experimentation and risk-taking in the classroom can lead to significant positive outcomes.

Material Type: Lecture, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Kendy Schiffert, Pamela Dinan, Rebecca Henderson, Amanda Fair

Unleashing Learner Potential

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 "Unleashing Learner Potential" is a resource focused on student-centered learning, offering stories and practices from Pennsylvania to inspire and empower educators. It emphasizes active student engagement and personalizing instruction, encouraging students to take charge of their learning journey. Guided by the Student-Centered Learning Advisory Council, the book provides practical strategies and insights to help educators reimagine their practices and unlock students' full potential.

Material Type: Case Study, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Kendy Schiffert, Pamela Dinan, Rebecca Henderson