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Trauma Informed Practice Modules: Neurobiology, SSHARED, and Mental Health System

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Aimed at public child welfare (PCW) audiences, these three modules cover key areas of trauma informed practice delivery: the Neurobiology of Trauma; SSHARED: A Tool for Identifying Signs and Sequelae of Trauma; and Trauma Advocacy with Mental Health Systems. Module materials are multi-media, including assessments, and were designed for future or current PCW workers, with a sophistication level designed to be accessible to beginning masters level students.

Material Type: Interactive, Lesson Plan, Module

Authors: Tim Wohltmann, Holly Vugia

Trauma Informed Curriculum

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Modules related to trauma-informed practice and systems change developed through the SJSU School Work emphasize active and experiential learning. Although the modules were designed for use with intermediate (MSW program) audiences, they are easily be adapted to courses or trainings for beginning or advanced audiences. The modules may be used independently or in conjunction with existing publicly available didactic materials (see Curriculum Resource Review document for recommended materials). The modules were developed Ryan Pickrell, Principal and Owner of Family Restoration Consulting, with Laurie Drabble, Professor, San Jose State University School of Social Work, and include the following: 1) building resilience in the context of cultural humility, 2) self assessment, 3) adaptive ways of addressing trauma across cultural differences, 4) principles of trauma-informed care, 5) developmental perspectives, 6) trauma-informed systems change, and 7) creating effective and sustainable trauma-informed practice.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Full Course, Lesson Plan, Reading

Authors: Tim Wohltmann, Laurie Drabble