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ADDIE Explained – An Open Educational Resource for the Educational Technology Community

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This Open Educational Resource is an interactive eBook in the form of a website titled ADDIE Explained. The eBook focuses on instructional design from the perspective of the ADDIE Model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) and is designed for novice instructional designers. ADDIE Explained includes a number of educational and technological affordances designed and developed to assist the learners in comprehending the subject matter.

Material Type: Interactive, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Textbook

Authors: Albert D. Rithzaupt, Brenda R. Lee, Brittany Eichler, Cheryl Calhoun, Christine Salama, James Nichols, Matthew Wilson, Nor Hafizah AdnanRobert Davis, Owen Beatty, Sharon WalshMuhammed Yaylaci, Shilpa Sahay, William Wildberger