We help teachers in schools across the country transform the outdoors into active learning labs that unlock the wonder of science for students.


About Out Teach

Out Teach is a nonprofit working to ensure that all students, no matter their resources, have access to an engaging, hands-on education that transforms their lives. 

We inspire and equip teachers to use outdoor spaces for cross-curricular experiences to make Science real, relevant, and relatable for every student every day. 

Our lessons use outdoor phenomena to spark a passion for Science, accelerate learning in all subjects, and help students build the STEM, 21st Century, and SEL skills needed to forge pathways toward rewarding careers.

This site contains lesson plans, videos, and other resources to help teachers everywhere use outdoor spaces to make every school day more engaging and effective, fueling student growth and deepening learning.  

Out Teach also provides district-wide and school-wide professional development services such as job-embedded coaching, workshops, and professional learning communities for teachers and instructional leaders. We also design and build outdoor learning labs, large and small, to ensure teachers are equipped with the resources they need for experiential learning across the curriculum. For more information, email info@out-teach.org.

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