SC Technical College System OER Hub

SC Technical College System OER Hub

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In keeping with the rich history of the South Carolina Technical College System’s (SCTCS) commitment to affordable and accessible educational opportunities that lead to gainful employment, we are enhancing the affordability of a college education by reducing the cost of instructional materials. Our commitment to affordability includes our system-wide Open Educational Resources (OER) Hub hosted by ISKME.

Open Education Resources (OERs) are educational materials in the public domain or with an open license. This means anyone can legally and freely copy, use, adapt and re-share them (even commercially, if the license allows). OERs can be textbooks, simulation/laboratory videos and movies, images, worksheets, syllabi, audio, quizzes, tests, full courses, and more. Faculty have the ability to adapt OER materials to suit their needs for a course, and by using OERs, student cost is dramatically reduced.

This initiative aims to provide free educational resources for all students in the SC Technical College System. Our system has partnered with librarians, faculty, and administrators to curate these free resources.

Contribute to the Community

(1) Create an OER Commons Account
If you don't already have an OER Commons account, you will need to create one to join a group and contribute to the SC Technical College System Hub. To create an account, click "Sign In/Register" in the top right-hand corner of the page. 

(2) Join a working group
To get started, join one of the working groups below by clicking on the group and then clicking on the "Join this group" button. Once in groups, you can meet peers creating and collaborating on resources. Together you can share content, provide one another feedback, and collaborate on new material.

(3) Submit content
Create new content or suggest a resource. After joining the working group, click on “Contribute to this Group.” You will see options to suggest or submit content via various authoring tools. Help content about these authoring tools is provided in the tutorials.

(4) Share with others
Once published, your content will be shared within the SC Technical College System community and searchable and accessible by anyone via OER Commons.


If you have any questions or comments about this hub, please email