About NH Open

In 2018, the University System of New Hampshire and the Community College System of New Hampshire began a Consortium effort to increase access and affordability around post-secondary education in our state. In 2021, this effort welcomed participants from Dartmouth, Franklin Pierce, New England College, and the Manchester campus of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. We welcome participation from all higher education institutions in the state, as well as from our K-12 partners, and look forward to continued expansion as these efforts develop.

Today, the New Hampshire Open Education Consortium (NH Open) focuses on adopting and developing open textbooks to: drive down the real cost of college; improve learning outcomes, throughput and completion rates, and student engagement; improve higher education’s capacity to prepare graduates for the needs of a changing workforce; and develop 21st-century pedagogical approaches to serve our students and our state.

NH Open imagines a future where educational materials are openly accessible to all New Hampshire students at no or low cost, and where faculty have the resources they need to enhance student success through collaboration with each other and their students on open educational resources.

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