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Engage directly with the national institutions that exist to serve you! Since 2005,
students have explored the ways our Constitution is alive in Washington, DC,
through the “We the People” Constitution Tour.

As you explore the “We the People” hub, you will find free resources to help you
gain a deeper knowledge of your civic rights, responsibilities, as well as the history
and practical implementation of the Constitution. From videos and interactive
timelines to quizzes and classroom discussion exercises, “We the People” hub
offers enriching activities for every learning style.

Want to schedule a live virtual classroom session with educators at a participating
“We the People” site? Click here for more information. As with all “We the People”
resources, the opportunity to engage with our educators is absolutely free. You must
be a teacher at a DCPS or DC charter school to schedule a live session for your classroom.

Member organizations in the “We the People” Consortium include the
U.S. Capitol Historical Society, the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, the White House
Historical Association, the National Archives and Records Administration,
President’s Park/White House Visitor Center (National Park Service), and the
George Mason Memorial (National Park Service). 

Our in-person field studies are also made possible through the invaluable
partnership of USA Guided Tours, Children’s Concierge, and Restaurant Associates.