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This lesson will challenge learners to critically read and evaluate news articles presenting different positions on a single issue that the learner takes interest in. The learner will then be challenged to formulate their own opinion by refining their own argument on the issue. The target audience of learners for this lesson constitute the Career and College Readiness Standards Grade Level E (9-12) in their reading and writing abilities. Learners will hone practical skills by engaging in this lesson, such as how to critically engage with news and media, being able to succinctly summarize larger pieces of information, and using information to write a structured argument based on their own opinions. These skills will have practical applications for everyday life, reading and writing the GED, and when applying for jobs that require information processing.
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Washington OSPI OER Project on May 23, 07:00pm

This is a well written, well organized lesson plan. However, the times listed for activities are not realistic, especially the warmup. I would also recommend providing definitions for any terms you want the teacher to define. The resource you point them to is nicely designed, but it doesn't cover all the terms.




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