OpenStax Introductory Statistics Videos with Lecture Power Points and Additional Notes

Chapter One: Sampling and Data

Power Points

Download: Math 2200 Chapter 1 PowerPoint_LdlqMXo.pptx

Download: Math 2200 Chapter 1 PowerPoint_fXpc1sG.pdf

Additional Notes

Download: Frequency Distribution Notes_n8jyPnn.docx

Download: Types of Data Notes_PW3H2Sk.docx

Download: Types of Sampling Notes_NiHnmVu.docx

Closed-captioned videos

Populations, Samples, and types of Statistics

Qualitative versus Quantitative Data

Qualitative Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Pie Charts


Replacement, Sampling, and Variation

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Part Two

Frequency Distributions

Experimental Design and Ethics

Practice Problems for Chapter 1

Chapter Two: Descriptive Statistics

Power Points

Download: Math 2200 Chapter 2 PowerPoint_3Bjwvnx.pdf

Download: Math 2200 Chapter 2 PowerPoint.pptx

Additional Notes

Download: Percentiles, Quartiles, Outliers, and Five Number Summary Notes.docx

Closed-captioned videos

Stem and Leaf Graphs


Using the Calculator for Data Entry and Histograms

Frequency Polygons and Time Series Graphs

Descriptive Statistics in the Calculator

Quartiles and Outliers


Five number summary

Box Plots

Mean, Median, and Mode

Standard Deviation

Skewness with the measure of centers

Practice Problems for Chapter 2

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