OpenStax Introductory Statistics Videos with Lecture Power Points and Additional Notes

Chapter Nine: Hypothesis Testing with One Sample

Power Points

Download: Math 2200 Chapter 9 Power Point.pdf

Download: Math 2200 Chapter 9 Power Point_6yWdNMA.pptx

Additional Notes

Download: Help with Hypotheses (interpreting the questions for Ho and Ha).docx

Download: Type I and Type II Errors.docx

Download: Distributions Used for Hypothesis Tests.docx

Download: Conclusions for Hypotheses Testing_G1ZMLBX.docx

Download: Chapter 9 Z-test.docx

Download: Chapter 9 T-test.docx

Download: Chapter 9 Proportion-test.docx

Closed-captioned videos

Hypothesis Testing for Means and Proportions

Errors and Distributions

Events, Decisions, and Conclusions

Z Test Examples in the Calculator

T Test Example with Calculator

One Proportions Testing Example

Practice Problem 1 Chapter 9

Practice Problem 2 Chapter 9

Practice Problem 3 Chapter 9

Chapter Eleven: The Chi-Square Distribution

Power Points

Download: Math 2200 Chapter 11 Power Points.pdf

Download: Math 2200 Chapter 11 Power Points.pptx

Additional Notes

Download: Chi-Square Goodness of Fit.docx

Closed-captioned videos

Chi Square Distribution

Website for Chi Square Distribution

Practice Video for Chapter 11 Chi Square Test

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