OpenStax Chemistry: Flipped Classroom Reading Guides for General Chemistry (2nd semester)

14.1 Introduction to Acids and Bases

Download: CH14_Intro_Acids_and_Bases.docx

14.2 The pH Scale

Download: CH14_The_pH_scale.docx

14.3 pH of Acids

Download: CH14_pH_of_Acids.docx

14.3 pH of Bases

Download: CH14_pH_of_Bases.docx

14.4 pH of Salt Solutions

Download: CH14_Salt_Solutions.docx

14.6 Buffers

Download: CH14_Buffers.docx

14.5 and 14.7 Titrations and Polyprotic Acids

Download: CH14_Titrations_and_polyprotic_acids.docx

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