This unit includes 5 lessons that culminates in a persuasive argument in the form of letter to congressional member or grant proposal to Duke Energy.
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Danielle Gasser on Oct 30, 05:15pm

Oh, the article about China's One-Child Family is GREAT. I'm definitely using this in my Biology classroom to talk about Histograms. I taught in China and the students are always so curious as to this law and how it played out. I love how this article is tied into the lesson. I wonder what videos were provided by the LMS to help the students understand for Day 1 - I think a visual is much more appealing to students, so good thinking! Directions in this unit are very clear and the rubrics are very thorough!

Robin Williams on Oct 03, 02:00pm

Stina and group - I love how you all seemed to work together on this project - including the commenting on the rubric - did you do this for the students as well, or just here as reflection?
This is a real problem that our student''s and future generations will face. Great job integrating the subjects together!

Laura Armstrong on Oct 03, 12:38pm

I can imagine this unit bringing up A LOT of interesting conversations. It could go in many, many directions, so I'm curious as to how you kept students focused on each of the tasks without getting into political debate. The articles are certainly interesting and thought-provoking that relates a lot of topics into a classroom. I'd be interested to see student samples on the math side and what type of equations were created and solved.

Lauren Schultz on Sep 27, 07:44am

I am really impressed with how well you seemed to seamlessly integrate the math and science piece - they worked well together with that topic. I also liked that the final project was a "take action" piece, such as a notification for the congressman. I share Lori's concern about the difficulty of the anchor text - did students use the tier 2 vocabulary words and other structures that were used to scaffold the text?

Lori Zeman on Sep 26, 08:25am

I like how open ended your essential question is. It gives students the opportunity to interpret the question in a variety of manners. Your rubrics have weird spacing at the top that makes it go onto 2 pages. Might just be the google doc link?

Anchor text has some really interesting points. I see the ATOS is 11.3 which I worry would be too difficult for Earth/Environmental students as freshman. I do like that you added the video as a supplement for those who may struggle with the article.

The goal is a great topic to choose as global climate change is so relevant for our students futures.

I like that your rubric is digital so it allows for easier collaboration between LMS and teachers.

I like that you gave students two options to choose between for their summative assessment. Great that you have a rubric for both assignments.

One thing to consider is using when the students submit their letter to a congressman. This would allow you to give specific feedback on the writing as well as check for plagiarism.

Christina Segura @Christina Segura on Oct 24, 12:50pm

Yes, the google doc made the rubrics have weird spacing. In the word document the spacing is normal.

Lori Zeman @Christina Segura on Sep 29, 08:22am

Perfect - makes sense!

Christina Segura @Lori Zeman on Sep 27, 01:34pm

Both classes were AP classes and there were no freshman in the group.

Amy Moore on Sep 21, 10:39am

Amy, Tamryn, Anne:
We like that the rubrics are very detailed and appear to be modeled after the graduation project which AP students should be able to handle and would be good for them to be confronted with early. We also like the use of the supporting text, "The Effects of China's One-Child Family...". This text is very engaging to students as it is a topic that they are very curious about. We wonder if the texts could be scaffolded so that students of varying skill levels could also complete this project rather than just higher level students. The incorporation of math at the advanced level with the real world application to the context given to the students is wonderful. The culmination of the project into a letter or grant proposal is exceptional as AP students should be able to write a professional letter or proposal at this point in their educational careers before continuing to higher education. Additionally, having the students direct the letter at a specific company (Duke Energy) or a specific congressman is great!

** Just so that you know, you included a letter for student work example 1 where the students' first and last names are included which should be removed/censored in the first paragraph.**

Christina Segura @Amy Moore on Sep 27, 01:34pm

Thank you! I have fixed the student work example 1.



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