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This is a remixed version of World History: Culture, States, and Societies to 1500 by Berger, et al. It's a textbook suitable for the World History survey. I have reorganized the text in order to provide a more globally integrated narrative. Each chapter invites students to compare and contrast developments across regions during a period of time.

This version of the book retains the text of the original but with updated references to chapters. I verified and, if necessary, updated links to online resources. In cases where the exact illustration used in the original version was not available, I have substituted equivalent ones. I also created and edited segues and other “connective tissue” as well to (hopefully) ensure that this version of the book reads as smoothly as the original.

Additional changes include:

More concise lists of “key terms” in each chapter
Expanded coverage of the Persian Empire
Expanded coverage of the end of the Yuan Dynasty
Added brief overview of the early Ming Dynasty including the voyages of Zheng He
Work on this adaption was generously sponsored by a grant from Michigan Colleges Online, a project of the Michigan Community College Association.
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Hazel Ramos on Jan 28, 07:37pm

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for putting together this remix. I will be using it for my World History 1 course this spring semester. I tried the download link for the Teaching Bundle and pdf, as well as exporting your materials via Google Docs and I keep receiving an error code. I also tried both Safari and Chrome to no avail. Is it possible to obtain the materials elsewhere, via email perhaps from you? Thank you very much for your time.



Hazel Ramos
Instructor and Chair
Department of History
Glendale Community College
Glendale, CA

Sharon Edel on May 13, 06:56pm

Very comprehensive and useful. Many thanks!



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