Pathway to Entreprenuership

Course Summary:

The skills and attitudes that lead to success in entrepreneurial endeavors lead to success in academics and in life, so this course will focus not only on conventional school content areas, but also on what the Partnership For 21st Century Skills call the “4 C’s”: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Problem-based learning provides the educational model for students to apply what they are learning to real world situations and scenarios. They will develop and practice the abilities to describe a problem, propose solutions, collaborate with others to test those solutions and find alternatives, all while seeking out professional mentors and forming relationships that will last through high school and beyond. The value of networking will form a core concept of this course.



Module 1: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Module Pre-Test

Background Seminar: Why do we need a course for entrepreneurs?

Seminar 1: What is an Entrepreneur?

Seminar 2: Business Ethics

Seminar 3: Challenges and Advantages of Being an Entrepreneur

Seminar 4: Types of Businesses

Seminar 5: Network for Success

Seminar 6: Developing Ideas for Your Business

End of Module Test

Module 2: Planning Your Business

Module Pre-Test

Background Seminar: The Business Environment

Seminar 1: How External Factors Affect Business Environment

Seminar 2: Impact of Entrepreneurs on Environment

Seminar 3: Market Research

Seminar 4: What is a Business Plan?

Seminar 5: How to Draw Up a Business Plan

Seminar 6: How to Present a Business Plan

End of Module Test

Module 3: Sustaining Your Business

Module Pre-Test

Seminar 1: Strategic Planning

Seminar 2: Management Skills

Seminar 3: Communication Skills

Seminar 4: Finance Functions

Seminar 5: Funding Your Business

End of Module Test

Course Challenge

Problem: Talent Shortage

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