Introduction to Raspberry Pi through Making


Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge through creation of final projects    

Lesson Outline

  • One-on-one teacher/student meetings to discuss final project
  • Individual/team work time
  • Morning mini-lesson time
  • Individual work time
  • Afternoon mini-lesson time
  • Journal Reflection

Teaching/Learning Activites

  • Meet with each student about his or her individual plans.  Point them in the right direction for any resources they may need and encourage collaboration with other students.  This is a great opportunity to connect students that might be working on similar projects so that they can discuss challenges they encounter or possibly work together. 
  • Mini-Lesson break 
    • Choose a mini-lesson based on what the students want to work on.  This could be from the attached mini-lessons or something else entirely. 
  • Student work time 
  • Mini-Lesson brake 
  • Student work time
  • Journal Reflection (Day 3) 
    • What challenges have you encountered while working on your project? 
    • What do you plan on accomplishing next class?
  • Journal Reflection (Day 4) -- Presentation Planning 
    • Why is your project useful/meaningful/important to you?  To others? 
    • What are the three most important things for a person to know about your project? 
    • What is a challenge you encountered with your project and how did you overcome it? 
    • What might you do next with your project?  What might you add to your project?  What would you improve about your project?


Twitter Mini-Lesson

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