Introduction to Raspberry Pi through Making


Students will be able to:

  • Plan and practice their final presentations    

Lesson Outline

  • Students create presentations
  • Students give demo presentations 
  • Students improve presentations based on feedback
  • Students practice presentations individually
  • Students give final presentations

Teaching/Learning Activities

  •  Have students use their answers to their journal questions from last class to plan a 3-5 minute presentation of their work from the week.
  • Each student gives a full demo presentation with other students watching.  Everyone should give feedback.  Make students act like this is the real presentation, no “well I will say this” or “I will do this” 
    • Point out that things always go wrong, so they should never by demoing some technology they have not run many times previously 
  • Give students time to improve and practice presentations
  • Final presentations!


Final Student Presentation Videos (segmented?)

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