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Klamath Community College, Blue Mountain Community College, and Columbia Gorge Community College partnered on developing a database of resources for General Sociology: Sociology in Everyday Life. The team adopted an outcomes-based approach to prioritize academic freedom.

Course Description:
Introduces the sociological frame of reference, which focuses on sociology as a science, and examines concepts related to human social behavior such as social structure, culture, socialization, sex roles, statuses, roles, groups, organizations, social stratifications, and racial and ethnic relations.

Course Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Analyze society, including social issues, at the microscopic and macroscopic scale in the context of the three main sociological perspectives.
Evaluate the impact of social inequalities and forms of social stratification on societies.
Cite relevant examples of sociological concepts in everyday life.
Explain the diversity of global social structures and the ways in which they interact.

Social Science
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Blue Mountain Community College
Columbia Gorge Community College
Klamath Community College
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