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French Grammar Games for Grammar Geeks
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This is an an online, mobile-friendly, digital language-learning grammar game collection for students of French created by Sonja Burrows and Brigitte Humbert at Middlebury College. It is a playful learning space, free and open to the public, where one can drop by anytime and from anywhere.
The games on the site are divided into three sections:
•Sentence Whiz, where users can practice questions, negations, relative pronouns, active and passive voice, and more structures.
•Word Nerd, where users can use nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, possessives, prepositions as well as additional parts of speech.
•Verb Challenge, where users can master past, present, and future verb tenses as well as tackle conditional, subjunctive, imperatives, and infinitives.
In addition, a guide for the learning space supports users who do not know where to begin or who would like to complete games in an established or recommended path. A resources area allows users to access explanations of grammar and, in some sections, traditional grammar exercises which support the games. Relevant sections of the resources area are linked to games which treat the same grammar points, so that users who complete a game and seek more practice or grammar explanations can easily find that needed support. A navigation and filtering system also allows users to select games which only treat a certain grammar point.

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