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Budget Planner, Creative Notetaking Lesson
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This lesson Plan is for Financial Literacy and Budget Planning. The Standards were not listed in the Resource section so they are as follows:
Analyze the role of cultural, social, and emotional influences on financial behavior.
Evaluate the role of emotions, attitudes and behavior in making financial decisions.
Recognize that individuals are responsible for their own financial decisions and for subsequent positive and negative consequences.
Define a rational decision-making process and the steps of financial planning.
Define opportunity cost (tradeoffs) and their role in decision making.
Describe a rational decision - making process.
Identify short- and long-term financial decisions and the impact they have on financial planning.
Define the elements of a financial plan.
Standard 1Identify and explain the process of budgeting based on calculated income.
Develop a budget.
Identify and prioritize fixed, fixed variable and variable budget categories.

The Image for this Budget Planner was created by Sharon Pinkerton.

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Sharon Pinkerton
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