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Evolution of ICT for Development
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This resource intends to give a general outline of ICT for development (ICT4D). No previous knowledge about ICT4D is needed. The resource focus on major definitions and terms. An overview of the different phases of ICT for development initiatives and an outlook to the future of ICT4D projects is given.

In the Introduction you will find definitions of key terms of the field.

In the unit ICT4D Evolution you'll find a description of the different ICT4D phases and why most ICT4D projects failed.

The unit ICT4D & Openness gives a short explanation why openness is important in the ICT4D field.

The Future of ICT4D unit lists some important points of future ICT4D projects.

In the Resources part you'll find the bibliography, a reading list of key articles and examples for further reading as well as a list of more videos.

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