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Painting the Falls of Yellowstone
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Art has always played an important role throughout the civilized world. Based on the WyomingPBS documentary "Painting the Falls of Yellowstone" the waterfalls of Yellowstone National Park have long captured the imagination of visitors and artists alike. Artists Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt first captured the magnificence and mystique of a few falls in the 1870s which helped establish the park. Over the last several decades, over 250 named and unnamed waterfalls and cascades have been discovered in accessible and backcountry areas of the Park. Their discovery prompted Cody-based and internationally renowned artist M.C. "Mike" Poulsen to try and capture these waterfalls on canvas. His work depicts not only the beauty of the falls but incorporates Native American history and spiritual themes, wildlife and the settlement history of the area. WyomingPBS followed Poulsen over two years providing insight into his vision and creative process. Archaeologists have used art as an indicator for classifying wealth, status, or prominence of individuals, cities, and civilizations. In today's world it does much the same but it can also bring about change as well as persuasion and preservation of ideas and culture. This can be seen in How Art Saved Yellowstone.

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