Elise Franchino
Early Childhood Development, Elementary Education, Mathematics
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Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan
Preschool, Lower Primary
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    The Playful Learning Challenge's Pre-K & Kindergarten Math Activities Kit

    The Playful Learning Challenge's Pre-K & Kindergarten Math Activities Kit


    The Playful Learning Challenge's Pre-K and Kindergarten Math Activities Kit contains a series of 10 research-based early math activities centered around play, that can be used with simple materials in children's classrooms or homes.

    Pre-K & Kindergarten Math Activities

    From 2020-2022, the Playful Learning Challenge team of the Learning Sciences Exchange—comprised of social entrepreneur Puja Balachander, journalist Jack Graham, researcher Elizabeth Gunderson, entertainment producer Jeff Kleeman, and policy specialist Cathy Mitchell—developed a series of research-supported activities that strengthen young children's math skills. These simple but engaging games can be played in pre-K and kindergarten classrooms, or at home with children and their caregivers. The color and grayscale PDFs are available below for educators and caregivers to download and enjoy.

    To see how the Playful Learning Challenge came to be, we invite you to watch the team's video, which was presented at the 2022 LSX Summit.