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Music and Moods

Music and Moods


This resource was created by Kelly Schrunk, in collaboration with Dawn DeTurk, Hannah Blomstedt, and Julie Albrecht, as part of ESU2's Integrating the Arts project. This project is a four year initiative focused on integrating arts into the core curriculum through teacher education, practice, and coaching.

Content Area: Social Studies 

Fine Arts Area: Music, visual art

Grade Level: 6th grade 

Teacher:  Mrs. Schrunk 


Standards and Alignment

Content Area Standard: 6.1.1.a 6.1.2.b 6.4.1.a 6.4.2.a.b 6.4.3.a 6.4.4.b 6.4.5.a.b.c

Fine Arts Standard: Music: FA 8.4.1.e Connect music to historical and cultural contexts, the arts (glossary), and other disciplines through creating.

Visual Arts: FA 8.2.1.c Engage in the sensory experience (glossary) and relate it to making expressive artwork.

Key Vocabulary:

Black History Month

Music vocabulary:  Rhythm, Blues, Soul, Folk, Country

Art Vocabulary: Weave your emotions, hotdog and hamburger ways to fold paper 

Materials List:

Construction paper (variety of colors) fine tip marker, glue sticks, chrome books, scissors, music by Ray Charles


Lesson Delivery

We’ve been celebrating Black History month. 


The students will share their feelings in a non-threatening and artist way, through writing. 


We will review what we learned about Ruby Bridges from the day before.  The students will answer questions about what her life may have been like, what she may have felt on her first day at a new school, the feelings of her teacher/teachers and other students at the school. 


Today we are going to continue to celebrate Black History month.  Ray Charles is an artist who has transformed music, and left a deep historical impact on our culture and society.  I’m excited to share his stories with you! 


Ray Charles:



We will read the stories about Ray Charles together.  After we read, I’m going to ask the students to think about what life would be like if they couldn’t see.  Did Ray let that stop him from pursuing his dreams.


What we will do today, choose 3 colors of construction paper.  Choose colors that represent you and what you are feeling after reading about Ray Charles. 


I will play music by Ray and the students are going to write on one piece of construction paper, hotdog ways.  They will write all their feelings and emotions while listening to the music.  Fill their paper with feelings, emotions or memories, a brian dump.  Once the students have filled their page and the music has stopped, they will tear their paper, about one inch strips, opposite of the way they wrote.  Take the other piece of construction paper and tear into stips just a little bit wider.  They will then glue their strips with writing onto the other strips.  Finally, take the last piece of construction paper and fold it hamburger ways.  Take a scissors and cut, starting at the folded end, and leave about an inch at the other end.  Open the paper and weave the strips into the cut lines.   The students may decorate more if they choose.  



Assessment and Reflection

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Arts Assessment:

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