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Adapted from the Google for Edu Training Center Materials:When students turn in worksheets and other physical work, we try to organize it neatly in folders or drawers. We use different colors, labels, stickers, and more to easily find student work later on. Today, we can use a variety of tools to collect and organize students’ digital work too.Simplify the process of exchanging work between educators and learners by using Google Classroom and Drive. These tools can help teachers stay organized.Students can save time and energy turning in assignments in the digital classroom as well.Using Google Classroom, they can submit assignments with the click of a button.Using Drive, they can easily move documents to a folder shared with their teacher, or create a document in that folder to begin with. In this lesson, we’ll hear from a few teachers who are using Google tools to collect assignments in their classrooms.
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Google Level 1 Certification: Unit 7, Lesson 2: Assign Work More Easily
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