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    ABC's in American Sign Language (ASL)

    ABC's in American Sign Language (ASL)


    * This is intended to be used for learners in G1 and up.  This module may fit into a larger course to provide a broader content for the module as it is openly and freely shared.



    ASL (American Sign Language) is a visual language. eyes

    Instead of verbal language, you use your body such as your hands hands and facial expressions. facial expressions


    You can actually use ASL to communicate whenever you like, use it like your daily conversations.

    How Do We Sign?


    ASL Alphabet


    Introduce the ASL chart and discuss what students notice. (e.g. if there are any signs that look like letters, etc.)

    Divide the signs into small categories as described "Tips to memorize ASL Letters" so that students can memorize little by little.



    Task: Learn and Memorize ASL alphabet (ABC's)

    Let’s start with the ABC’s like you do when learning verbal language.


    Here’s the ABC’s in ASL;

    ABC's in American Sign Language


    Looking hard?

    No worries.

    Let’s try the easy ones first.


    For example, do you see some signs look like the actual letters?













    Do you see more like these ones?

    Here are the tips to memorize. Download the resource attached below.

    Be prepared for the next section.....ASL DRILL MARATHON!!



    Let's Review and Practice!


    Review the signs to check the details such as which fingers to be folded, point up/down, etc...







    Task: Review and Practice the Signs

    Learn ASL ABCs with Memory Tips


    Listen carefully and check your signs;

    • Are you using the right fingers?
    • Is your palm facing inwards or outwards?
    • Do your sings look right?


    Encourage students to practice more as you suggest practice in a variety of ways. e.g. "Can we do it fast like a cheetah or slow like a turtle ?"

    ASL ABC's Drill

    The more you practice, the better and smoother your sign will look :) 




    Can you go even faster? Move your hand! You can do it!




    Label the Letters in ASL (American Sign Language) -Individual activity-

    Individual activity will help students' input process.

    Print off the worksheet attached.

    Answers:  Label_the_letters_in_ASL_answers




    Task: Lable the Letters in ASL (individual activity)

    Let's work on something fun. Download and open/print off the worksheet (label_the_letters_in_ASL_a_m) attached below.

    Let's take a look at the worksheet. Can you label the letters A - M in ASL?







    .........Got lost? It's ok, there's a cheat chart below...just a tiny little cheat chart. Hush hush ;)









    Finished? Did you do a good job?

    Alright then, more work for you. Lets download and open/print off the other worsheet (label_the_letters_in_ASL_n_z) attached below.

    Can you label more letters N - Z in ASL? 







    Want to check some letters? Ok, here's the cheat chart.......teeny tiny one ;).



    Fingerseek (Small-group activity)


    Fingerseeks. (Print off the worksheet)

    Make a group of 3 or 4. Students will work together to find the hidden words in ASL



    Task: Find the hidden ASL words (small-group activity)


    Let's work harder.

    Now you are going to work as a team.

    Let's take a look at the worksheet. Can you find all the hidden ASL words?




    Oh, you need help? Ok, here's the cheat chart. Teeny tiny one below ;).

















    Introduce yourself in sign language -Small-group activity -


    Students will sign their names in ASL. Encourage them to use only signs (no talking).   

    You can also introduce them how to sign "What's your name?" as students learn there are more signs in addition to fingerspelling.




    What's your name?

    What's your name?


    Task: Sign Your Name


    How was the ASL alphabet marathon? So far so good? So, you have mamorized all the letters in ASL?  Sounds good :).

    SO, you have learned how to sign ABC's in ASL. Ok, here's an ASL challenge for you :).

    Now, can you sign your name? Sign your name in your group.  Intrroduce yourself in ASL.


    Ok, let's sign your name. You can do it.

    What is your name?

    What is your name



    Uh uh uh! Move your HAND, NOT your LIPS.

    My name is.......







    Still need a cheat chart? Alright, super teeny tiny little one below :).











    Sing the ABC song in ASL to review the ASL alphabet.

    *If you sing the other ABC song (the one with the tune of Twinkle Twinkle), make sure to slow down as you come to L, M, N, O, P so that your students can sign properly with no rush.  

    How was the lesson? Did you have fun?

    Ok, let's sing the ABC song in ASL to finish the lesson (No cheating this time ;)).

    ABC in ASL


    Hope you enjoyed it :)!!