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  • La Familia
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  • possessive adjectives
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    Education Standards

    Family Members

    Family Members


    Mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, and uncle are just a few words you will learning about in this seminar.  You will be able to identify various family members in your family as well as in other people's families by using possessive adjectives as well.  Combine this new knowledge with previously reviewed adjectives and verbs to begin telling more and more about what others are like and what they do.

    ACTFL Standards

    • Communication: Interpersonal Communication, Presentational Communication

    • Comparisons: Cultural Comparisons

    Learning Target

    I can say or write something about the members of my family and ask about someone’s family.

    Habits of Mind

    Applying past knowledge to new situations

    Critical Thinking Skill



    Introductory warm-up activity.

    "We are a family!"  A family is a big a part of someone's life and as we continue our abilities to communicate in Spanish it is important that you are able to talk and write about your family.  Check out this video (with Spanish subtitles), who is in your familia?

    Academic/Concept Vocabulary


    Read and watch the resources to learn about this concept, then do the practice activity.




    Read here about the new vocabulary and read here about possessive adjectives.

    Watch the video: Learn Spanish - Family Members (beginner).

    • Be sure to take notes as you watch.

    • Rewatch, rewind and pause as you need.

    Use this interactive to practice and learn the vocabulary terms you will need to understand for this Seminar. Choose your study mode!

    Explore More

    Access one, many, or all of these resources to explore this topic more deeply.

    • Learn additional family members and pets here.

    • Help practice family members in Spanish with this song here.


    Discuss your ideas / opinions / understandings.

    Based on what you learned in the Explore and Engage sections of this Seminar, answer the following prompt: 

    • What did you learn today?  What additional help do you need to master this can-do module?


    Now it is time to self-check how much you have learned about this topic.  If you do not know as much as you thought, go back to the “Explore” section of this seminar and reread, rewatch, or redo the activities listed.  See your facilitator if you have questions.


    It is show and tell in class today.  What is your family like? You will create a family photo album to share with your friends. Tell your class about your family using a digital photo album.  You will describe at least 4 members of your family, and that may include a pet or an imaginary person.  Create your album in a Google/Word document or Slides/Powerpoint that is at least 6 pages.

    What your album must contain:

    • Select at least 4 people in your family you want to include in your family album (example: mother, father, brother, and pet dog)

    • Create a cover page (example: Titulo: Mi Familia Divertida Por: Rebecca Smith)

    • Find pictures of you and each person in your family.  They can be real people or imaginary people.  You can pick anyone famous, friends, etc.

    • Start creating your pages (Create the page about yourself first then the other pages after)

    • Put at least one picture on each page

    • Put the name of the person and their family relationship on the page

    • Write 2 sentences on the page about the person using physical adjectives, personality adjectives, and the verb “ser."

    • Decorate! Make your photo album fun to look at!

    • When you are done, check your spelling and grammar before you turn it in! 



    Complete this wrap-up activity where you reflect on your learning.  

    Write a reflection paragraph answering the following questions:

    • In what ways have you improved in your family vocabulary and how to describe your family in Spanish?

    • What brought about those improvements?

    • What was your biggest accomplishment in the seminar?