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This course is designed to teach not only historical facts about music but also to encourage deeper listening to music from a variety of sources. The course is a guided journey of listening, reading, and discussion (oral and written) of music, with corresponding recommended listening and assignments for deeper understanding. An emphasis of this design is to place music within the framework of how music is experienced instead of in a chronological sequence. To that end, the modules include a unit on the music of the Civil Rights movement, with optional material on music for social justice in contemporary America, and the musical contributions of musicians from Alabama. Instructors are encouraged to modify the materials to serve the needs of the students or audience they are serving.
Arts and Humanities, Performing Arts
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
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Tanya Allen on Mar 19, 07:42am

Thanks for sharing this resource - The approach is ideal for non-music majors for sure. Unit 3 seems to be missing items per the Table of Contents; specifically Storytelling through Song and the Opera Unit, neither of which have the assignments, vocabulary, etc. in their folder. Checking to see if that could be updated - interested in how the Create an opera assignment is structured; thanks!

Caterina Bristol @Tanya Allen on Jul 10, 05:46pm

Thank you. I will check on that. Due to the nature of the upload process, the other primary author, Brenda Luchsinger, is not listed. You can email her at to get information about how the create and opera assignment is structured. My apologies for not seeing this sooner,




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