Eileen Cusick
Communication, English Language Arts, Language, Grammar and Vocabulary
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Community College / Lower Division
Springfield Technical Community College
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    Communications and Editing 1


    Syllabus and materials for the first half of a course that prepares students to produce professional written business communications. In addition to improving information literacy, computer literacy, and English grammar skills, students will improve abilities that are essential in the workplace. Includes links to OER readings, videos, and activities.

    Common Problems, Errors, Proofreader Marks, Sharing Documents, MS Word Options

    Common Grammar Usage Problems

    MS Word Options, Proofing Options

    Example of Poorly Proofed Presentation

    Web 2.0 Tools to Save and Share Resources



    Keyboarding Errors; MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access; Google Applications and Gmail

    Proofreading and Editing on the Computer

    Teamwork Proofreading Challenges

    Revising and Editing


    Business Writing Principles, Proofreading and Editing on the Computer, Career-Specific Resources

    Business Letter Wording

    Selecting the Best Words, Subject-Verb Agreement

    Subject-Verb Agreement


    Putting It All Together - Completely Edit a Workplace Project

    • Continuation of project from Section 14

    Homework Assignments