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 Description: Don’t be fooled by food messaging is a media literacy embedded health unit that takes the health goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adds some critical thinking skills and communication skills. In food marketing young people are surrounded by persuasive claims meant to influence and manipulate their eating behavior. Students will explore some of the techniques and strategies food marketers use to influence their eating behavior to better understand how it impacts their own food choices. Within the PE program students will discuss how food choices, levels of consumption and physical activity levels influence health and wellness. Body image/healthy weight will be incorporated into this content. The culminating projects require students to work collaboratively to synthesize their new learning while using a variety of strategies to create their own healthy choices messaging production projects.
Marketing, English Language Arts, Nutrition
Upper Primary
Grade 3, Grade 4
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Deborah Hale on Apr 27, 11:07am

Several options for activities that can easily be adopted and adapted to various grade levels. The careful consideration of food messaging can be extended to all types of advertising and provide reasons for our students no matter the age level to stop and give thought to their inclinations on social media.

Deborah Hale on Apr 24, 04:00pm

This resource is a Comprehensive view of how much advertisers influence each of us. Teachers will have a variety of activities to draw upon in order to guide learners. The bonus is students use technology to explore and publish their ideas and knowledge gained.



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