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    Pre-K Fall - Shared Reading

    Pre-K Fall - Shared Reading


    This is a whole group shared reading lesson aimed for preschoolers! It is a great resource to model directionality as well as some math concepts. It would fit great into your Fall Thematic Units. 

    Pre-K Fall - Shared Reading


    Subject/DateTime PeriodLarge Group

    Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses (obj 17)

    • Uses print concepts
    • Shows awareness of various features of print: letters, words, spaces, upper and lowercase letters, some punctuation
    • Laminated sentence strips with “I see ____ leaves.” written on them
    • Paper, Real, OR cloth leaves
    • Sentence strip holder
    Bulleted Plans (set, input, modeling, GP/IP, closure)assessments (C4U) should be indicated

    Teach students the “Leaves are Falling” song. To the tune of Jingle Bells.

    Leaves are falling, Leaves are falling, One fell on my nose!

    Leaves are falling, Leaves are falling, One fell on my toes!

    Leaves are falling, Leaves are falling, One fell on my head!

    Leaves are falling, Leaves are falling, Yellow, Orange, and Red!

    Today friends, we are going to read together. You are all going to help me finish the sentences that we create with these leaves and your mega mighty reading skills.

    Each of these sentence strips so far read: I see _____ leaves. Read that with me. (Model directionality) Now, I am going to hand you all a leaf and you are all going to help me complete the sentences by telling me the correct number of sentences. When I hand you a leaf, make the “L” sound.

    • Distribute leaves (every student should get one leaf)

    Now, when I point at you, I would like you to come up and put a leaf next to the sentence strip that we have. Fill up the sentence strips. Go by “I see 1 leaf.” “I see two leaves.” until you get to 5 (you will have to put three up your yourself.) Model the 1 & 2 first so students will understand.

    As each sentence strip gets filled up, read the sentence with the students, write in the number that corresponds with the number of leaves (have students write it on the carpet as you write it on the sentence strips) and then move on to the next sentence strip. You could also have a student point to each word after you modeled correct orientation. The final product should look something like this:

    Closure: Before students transition, listen to each of them use the L sound.


    Monitor student engagement

    "Pre-K Fall - Shared Reading" by Tayma Sebek is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0