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Lower Primary
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    Education Standards

    "Shark Lady" Fish Research Project

    "Shark Lady" Fish Research Project


    2nd grade studens will listen to the book "Shark Lady" during storytime. They will then head to the computer lab to complete the digital/research portion of the project. The project will finale with a paired share activity where students can exchange information and present their findings. 

    National Geographic Fish Research Project

    2nd grade students are beginning a unit on animals. They will be introduced to graphic organizers as tools to portray their research. This is a direct standards correlation between library media and the 2nd grade team. We will work together to create a unit that supports and reiterates the classroom work. 

    We will begin with storytime starring the book 'Shark Lady" by Jess Keating. 

    We will discuss how to access the library web page via Cougar Links/Student Links that takes them directly to:

    Students will click on "Animals" and then "Fish."

    Students will use the information on the site to fill in their animal research graphic organizer. After they have completed the front page, they will turn it over and translate the bulleted information into paragraphs.

    We will finale with project with a paired share activity where students will present their projects.