Anatomy & Physiology 1 Lab Manual

Anatomy & Physiology 1 Lab Manual


Laboratory manual for undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology 1

Anatomy & Physiology 1 Lab Manual 1st Edition

Hello fellow instructors,   At the end of the manual, there are "practice documents" developed with RVCC models and course content in mind.  Due to formatting requirements of the print on demand service I'm using (, many of the pictures in these practice pages (and some in the lab exercises) are not editable.  The individual lab exercises and practice documents are included below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me  

This lab manual was written for Anatomy & Physiology 1, a 200-level A&P course, at River Valley Community College.   The course uses the OpenStax A&P textbook.  The manual is intended to complement any text but does derive much of its content from the OpenStax A&P textbook. 

Updated 7/2/21:  changed pictures in lab 12 and fixed some grammar errors. 

Updated 1/28/23: This is the link for the errata document-- 

Updated 2/8/23:  the compiled Word document for all labs has the errata fixed in it.  You will still need to make corrections if using the individual labs.

Individual Labs

These documents are the individual labs that were compiled into the full lab manual.  Attributions for each lab are included at the end of each lab;  the compiled manual includes all attributions at the end.  Please note that I am working on adding labs for joints and cell transport.

Practice Documents

These files contain the practice documents (in their original form) that are included in the manual compilation.  The practice documents are specific to required content and materials available for students at my college.  I'll add more as I create them.  

Lab Assignments

In our lab sessions, we usually have students do lab assignments in addition to the lab activities.  These may be pre-lab work, in-lab assignments, or homework.

At Home Lab Kit

During the pandemic, we were able to use a hybrid lab structure.  Half of our students attended in person lab each week; the other half did at home or online labs.  This resource shows you the material provided to students and used in our at home labs.   The cost of each kit is $30.00/student.  

Equipment & Materials List

This document contains the materials and equipment used in each lab.